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Creating Wispy grasses?

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  • Creating Wispy grasses?

    Hi all,

    I know this is speedTREE but ive seen some grasses made by people and ive been trying to make my own wispy tall grass. just a clump of it to use with forest pack in 3ds max.
    I've attached a reference shot of what im looking to make, well a clump like this that can be randomised within speed tree. I'm struggling to get the grass to nicely spread out, its more a rigid scruffy look that a smooth wispy curve feel.
    Can anyone give me some pointers? i'm still trying to get my head around most of the tools in speed tree. I was trying to generate this from scratch with just some grass textures. is this a bad idea?


    Click image for larger version

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    Well, it depends on how high of a poly count you wish to have.

    Normally, for game assets, we have a texture of a clump of the grass we want to use and assign it to a 'Mesh Frond' generator. In this generator, you can control the length, width and shape of the mesh, along with the amount of segments it should have.
    Here is a docs page going into detail on using 'Mesh Frond':

    Depending on the size of the grass texture clump, this technique can also be used to make a high detail version. You would need to create a texture with a small portion of the grass, and use the same controls as mentioned earlier. The key is to have 2 generators where one intersected the other and 'Generator' control placement with the '+/-' variances.

    Lastly, editing the 'Mesh Frond' -> 'Frond' -> 'Normals' is an important step in achieving the right lighting for said grass.

    Hope this helps!