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How to rotate branch?

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  • How to rotate branch?

    I'm new so bare with me. I right clicked a specific branch and chose Manipulator-->Rotate, then when the gizmo pops up I and dragging the corners that say Start Angle and the Start Angle value is changing but the branch doesn't move. What is the proper way to rotate or bend a specific branch in a specific direction?

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    Hi mostlyhuman : what version of the modeler are you using? Initial tests using SpeedTree for Unity v8.4.2, I was able to adjust the bifurcating branch's start angle in node-editing mode without issue. My first suggestion would be to update the modeler if you are not working in the latest version.


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      Thank you, KatLeeHong I am using the same version, I am attaching the spm file.

      Just to make sure I am doing the correct steps

      1) Right click the branch to edit
      2) In the popup menu choose Manipulator-->Rotate
      3) On the transform gizmo left-click drag the Start Angle portion of the gizmo,
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        mostlyhuman : ah, I see what the issue is! Your tree's bifurcating branch generator is set to "Extend parent: any": all extended branches will be unable to change their start angle, though they can be affected by gravity and noise which might be able to get you the bends/changes you're looking for.

        Hope this helps!