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how create a palm tree?

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  • how create a palm tree?

    hi, i have speed tree 7.1 cinema and i want to create a leave for trunk palm, i want to create every single palm leave on frond but i cant, because when i duplicate one of leaves , duplicated leaves doesn't keep the data and it goes to another place and it's hard to bring it to right position with right settings(for 40 leaves it is hard to repeat the process!!)

    my purpose is create a palm frond with separated leaves like this photo

    wrong duplicated leaves on top

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    With SpeedTree, you can't just copy and paste a single leaf to duplicate it. You can use separate generators for each leaf but I would suggest not taking that approach.

    With the palm fronds, you just need one Frond Generator for the leaves. It is in the 'Generation' group where you control the placement, amount, etc.
    I would suggest 'Style' -> 'Absolute Steps':
    'Steps' - start with 8 and see if you need more
    'Frequency' - 2
    'First' - 0.2
    'Last' - .99

    You can control how many triangles is in the Frond by editing the properties in the generators 'Segment' group, and control shape by using the properties in 'Fronds'

    Here is our docs page on the generation styles and their corresponding properties:
    Her is a docs page of 'Mesh Fronds':

    Hope this helps!