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Clusia rosea - some tips?

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  • Clusia rosea - some tips?


    I need to model this tree. Any tips to do these bended trunks and roots hanging? Is very hard to find information about this tree.
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    Hi Cyrus3v : This is a complex tree, so you may want to start with a sapling or a simpler example of the species to get the textures right. From there, you'll want to break down the tree by what you can see. Work on replicating its structures from big approximations to small details. Generators will be affected by their parent (the generator(s) below them) so it's important to model from the bottom up so that you aren't surprised by changes in one generator affecting the others you just spent a lot of time editing!

    It looks like there are a lot of vines, branches, or trunks that hang down from the tree and into the ground; this recent quick tip by Adrien Lambert would be a useful one to apply to this model: | Check out Adrien's full tutorial if you're curious about how he created his final tree (starting with hand drawing the trunk):

    Depending on what you're creating this tree for (VFX or Games), you'll have different needs in order to optimize your vegetation. Browse SpeedTree's YouTube channel for applicable tutorials:

    For especially specific breakdowns of our generators & features, we've also got our v8 docs:

    We hope this helps! Best of luck on your tree!


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      Hi KatLeeHong , thanks for your reply. Those tips will be quite usefult. I started with a couple of trunks and use the late noise to add that twist you can see. This tree is quite complex because of the way that grows. It starts on top of a tree and send the roots down and then starts to develop. I am doing this one for VFX, so I am not too worried about poly count. The only that I am going to need is perhaps some better textures. Here is some work in progress:
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        Cyrus3v You're off to an awesome start! Nice work!

        We'll be here in case you hit any snags!