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  • LOD Question

    I looked for an answer for this question but not sure if this questions has been asked, when I go from LOD0 to LOD2 the tree shortens its top branches and fronds (as shown in the images). I tried using the Dynamic LOD under the Tree Generator but no setting worked. Is there a way to decrease the LOD while still keeping the same height and shape of the tree?

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    Hi, looks like the extended branch is getting taken away on the lowest LOD. To keep it, use the curve to push the weight to the top of the tree relative to the trunk so the LOD system will favor the extension.


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      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for your response. Sorry somewhat new to SpeedTree but I can get the branches to stay but the fronds disappear at the lowest LOD. There a way to evenly disperse the disappearance of the fronds throughout the tree instead of having the fronds disappear from top to bottom.

      Thanks for your help!


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        Hey Mreyes- use the "weights" and the parent curves to favor sections of the tree. It's always good to add some variation amounts in there as well if you want very even selection.