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Smart atlassing during export?

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  • Smart atlassing during export?


    My plant consists of imported uniquely uv mapped mesh parts which are atlassed by myself and painted in substance painter except roots and stem.
    I designated space for these parts, but when exporting, Speed Tree is not using empty space within imported textures. When atlassing it just bricks textures next to each other.

    Does Speed Tree have smart atlassing algorithm which recognized empty space and fills it?

    I will try somehow map the stem and roots using space on my texture from substance painter.. might be nightmare to set this up.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Artur, in the material bar you have some weight and texture resolutions that will affect how your textures are packed into the atlas. SpeedTree tries it's best to then fill up the space given. We have some new exciting things coming in this area though!


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      Hi Sarah,

      Following on Thursday's (today's) live stream of the Flower Power (, perhaps in the next episode you could describe the new exciting things regarding atlassing that you mentioned above. Unless doesn't fit the program.



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        Hi Artur, I'm definitely planning on going over some popular atlasing workflows soon, but we might do that one as part of a none live video so we can cover in higher detail. Thanks for the suggestion!