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LODs and Collision in SpeedTree Cinema, how can I make them?

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  • LODs and Collision in SpeedTree Cinema, how can I make them?


    As a short summary of the challenge I face now because of arbitrary put limitations on your software. I need LOD0, 1, 2, 3, collision and be able to export it to fbx and I think I can live with hawing no "grow" options for LODs shifting/blending.


    This is an excerpt from documentation:

    "SpeedTree Cinema and SpeedTree Studio only have LOD controls for degrading the tree's individual generators at a single level of detail state.
    however, it is still easy to change the detail of the tree in Cinema and Studio by changing generator LOD values, but multiple resolutions will need be configured manually in separate SPM files."

    In my SpeedTree 8.4.2 Cinema, as expected according to documentation, tree generator has no LOD settings at all, but individual generators have no options in "LOD" tab as well!
    What is the best way to setup LODs then in Cinema?

    Because of arbitrary limitations put on SpeedTree, I need to look for workaround, as I need to have LOD 0, LOD 1, LOD 2, LOD 3 and be able to export it to fbx.
    I use ST Cinema, as it offers fbx export, but how can I do about LODs and Collision?

    My present workaround is that (as suggested) I have 4 ST files, each with loaded different LOD meshes (so inconvenient), modeled in DCC program.

    However I wonder what options do I really have. Is there any way to keep everything in one file, and use some sliders and export it 4 times, and then combine meshes in DCC program. Please tell me. Also, why LOD tab for individual nodes (like leaf mesh) is empty and for others, like trunk, there is not at all? Despite documentation says " is still easy to change the detail of the tree in Cinema and Studio by changing generator LOD values..."

    ST Cinema has only 3 presets of resolution "high, Med, Low", which corresponds to loaded meshes into high/med/low slots. I assume, this is only concerned to display and viewport performance, as exports only one high quality meshes. Does it have any use for me, what do you think?

    Separate thing, about different version of SpeedTree, ST for UE 8.4.2.

    Where did all the leaf lod setting option go?

    "Our leaf LOD method involves reducing the number of leaves at fixed distances from the camera, while increasing the size of surviving leaves to help maintain the same leaf cloud volume. Leaf LOD is “smooth”, meaning that the transitions should not be very noticeable."

    I can only adjust Weight, Scale Factor and Mesh factor. Where are all the options mentioned in the documentation and visible on the attach image to this post?


    From what i see in SpeedTree Cinema 8.4.2 i can generate collisions but can't preview nor export it. Does it make any sense to you?
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    At the moment I am using SpeedTree Unity modeler 8.4.2 as it has LODs COL and Unity Wind support.
    How can I load more than 2 custom mesh LODs? I have loaded LOD variants of my imported meshes into slots High, Med and Low. However this is too few slots for all the LODs I have made.
    Is it that SpeedTree supports game mesh and only two corresponding lods?

    SpeedTree allows me to setup any number of LODs. But I can load only 3 steps (high, med, low) custom meshes from DCC, is that right or am I missing some option allowing to import more?
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