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How to use Growth for SpeedTree Modeller for UE4?

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  • How to use Growth for SpeedTree Modeller for UE4?

    Hello there,

    I've been trying to learn speedtree and found in the documentation, youtube videos and this forum that there is a growth modifier, animation that can be used.
    However im unable to view this tab? I believe it would be inbetween the Wind and Seasons tabs in the properties panel?
    im using SpeedTree Modeler V8.4.2 (UE4 subscription) is this version of speedtree not include this feature, or has something gone wrong?
    have included a screenshot to view what im seeing, and this is a clean new file to demonstrate.

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    Hi TheUnseenDragon : unfortunately growth is not available for our real-time modelers, it is exclusive to our SpeedTree Cinema modeler for VFX; the growth cache would be very taxing for a real-time engine to handle at this time.

    Wish we had better news for you!