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twist problem in trunk

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  • twist problem in trunk


    I've disabled all forces for my second trunk just some noise.
    but I get this type of twist as the picture.
    and spice itself ( setting skin mode to spine only ) show me that spin is not distributed well enough. is there a way to distribute spine points evidently and avoid such harsh angles?
    thank you
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    Hello, on this example are you using subd or just quads for the spine. Is it handrawn edited or regular. Is twist on?


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      It is polygon quads.
      regular and twist is off.
      seems like edges are shifted than being twisted. don't know It changes everywhere.
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        I tested this on a blank file and the difference with noise on and noise off/ optimization ect added in and I can't quite get it to twist like you have pictured. Would you be able to send us the file as a "save as with assets" to [email protected]. I'll try to look at it farther from there.


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          I sent it to the support email.
          thank you


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            Hello, sharing for all.

            This was an issue with radial segments and a linear decay profile curve lessening the segments. As your quads are reducing, they need to meet back up with the vertices. As you reduce the polygon count, you might have 8 vertices trying to attach to a 7 vertices in a loop. As they try to remove the quad, especially with noise or gravity in the mix, the polygons can look twisted. Your best bet is to remove the radial segment count curve. Switching to polygons gives a cleaner/ untwisted look as well.

            ​I hope this helps!


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              thank you.
              I didn't even know that It exist!