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long weeping willow, not working well with Wind

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  • long weeping willow, not working well with Wind


    I have a Weeping Willow tree, as the image indicates ( i'v turned it from polygon to spine to better view), they don't react well to wind.
    in fact the like more like a long stick.
    the wind setting for them is visible at the property panel.
    other branches or the trunk itself acts fine.

    thank you

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    no answer?
    It is frustrating for me.


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      hi HaAranoos,
      Are you creating a tree to use with our real-time wind or for Cinema? That will help me tell you how to best set it up!
      If it's for a game, which type of wind are you using?


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        It is for Cinema version,
        I just want to long spine act like a weeping long narrow branch It is too rigid!
        thank you


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          I'll be thankful If you can show me the right setting.
          very appreciated.


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            cause there is no answer ,I'm assuming that It is not possible to have hair like long branch.
            am I right?
            I can't find any useful setting to achieve this effect.


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              My apologies haAranoos, my reply did not go through the first time.
              For this, you'll need one of your wind levels to function as the "weeping movement". For example, if you can get most of the tree's main movement through global movement and levels one and two, reserve a level for the long bendy branches. In this examplel for me i'm using level 3: I've placed a high flexibility with a moderate frequency and chagned the gusting frequency up so the bigger bends will mix in.
              You'll want the branches weight profile curve to allow for movement at the top of the branch. (branch properties>animation)
              Click image for larger version

Name:	windweight1.PNG
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                oh thank you.
                I didn't see the levels as subject to play with too much but now It is working much better ,