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Frond and leaf generators sharing a material

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  • Frond and leaf generators sharing a material

    Hello there,

    I'm a UE4 user and I'm wondering how I might go about packing my frond and leaf generators to use the same material. I know they are separated for purposes of wind, however I do not intend to use wind.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    TheArkitect: when exporting, after naming your file and selecting its export location, look under "Atlas" in the pop-up window and select "Everything": this should pack your leaves and fronds onto the same texture maps.

    For additional texture packing info, check out our docs on exporting to game formats:

    We hope this helps!


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      Kat's ^answer will indeed get your textures shared as much as possible.

      But it sounds like you're asking about materials/draw calls specifically in UE4. Materials in UE4 are indeed broken up so the geometry type can be set on the SpeedTree node. If you won't be using wind, then the easiest thing to do is to tell SpeedTree that. In the Modeler, click the fan. Then set the wind preset to None. After this, on export, the geometry will be batched together as much as possible because it doesn't have to break it up for wind effects.

      Also tick the option "ignore smooth LOD" in the export dialog, since leaf geometry LODs a little differently from branch geometry. You can still use crossfaded LOD like in foliage layers in UE4.

      The one exception to all of this is if you have camera-facing leaves. Those always need to have slightly different processing on them, but we don't use them much anymore.


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        Hello Katly and Greg,

        Thank you for the advice, I was able to get it working after checking the ignore smooth LOD, that was the final mystery haha.