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  • pleaching

    does anyone have any pointers on how to achieve pleaching?
    similar to a boxwood hedge...but with an exposed 'trunk' section. Sort of like a hedge on stilts

    I have tried using a cube as a force/prune mesh, but although the leaves are pruned inside the box, the twigs/branches seem to ignore it, even though they are enabled for forces..



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    Hi Adrianwyr,
    A couple of tips that will help with forces meshes, since you've started with the correct workflow.
    1. late noise and gravity and forces call all pull your twigs outside of the box area. It's best to set up your bush without a lot of properties added in to get the pruning where you'd like it, before going back to add the rest.
    2. Area pruning, such as downward pruning which kills the down facing start angles will be helpful if your mesh has an open bottom.
    3. Try setting different kill trys with more polygon accuracy in the spine of the branch to see if the outcome changes.
    4. Often the outter twigs look like they are within the shape, but may start outside of it, or be off an extension and not properly prune. Id recommend turning extensions off for upper canopy for this sort of work.


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      Thanks Sarah... got a much better result by starting again from scratch, and following your suggestions... still a few twigs getting through the box force field though.... i suppose i 'could' either tweak them manually, or add a second slightly larger box to trim the offenders