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How to get straight outward facing branches/splines on zones?

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  • How to get straight outward facing branches/splines on zones?


    I want to make ferns, but when I just use a branch/spline generator on a zone, I get a fan-like spread, instead of a clean radial in to out direction. The only way to get something near what I want is to dial the position down until the branches meet at a single point - exactly what should be avoided.

    The documentation says you can just spawn fronds directly from zones, and get there. But I get the error message that fronds have to be children of branch generators. It seems like the documentation is still refering to mesh fronds of ST7 and I can't make much use of it to be honest. How can I get the distribution I'm after?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you're in version 8, our documentation is found here:
    The tree growing directly off the tree generator node does tend to have a circular pattern. The zone generator acts as a "island" where you could put one branch per zone, scattern them and then on the branch properties change up the roll or position or lean.
    A frond generator needs a spine or branch to sit on. If you have an example picture of the type of distribution you'd like to get, that may help me give you a few tips.


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      Thank you for the reply and link to the st8 documentation - I wasn't aware of it!

      This is kind of what I want to achieve - the red lines indicating the direction I want the splines to take.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	circular_pattern_result.jpg
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      Basically it should look like this, but with space in the middle instead of everything growing from the same spot.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	circular_pattern_target.jpg
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      A kind of hacky way I would use now, is to just sink the splines of the last picture and adjust the frond start length. But I was wondering if there's a more direct way of adjusting the z-rotation of splines spawned on zones.

      Again, thanks in advance and best regards