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[Newbie Q] Making palm leaves lean down without using gravity

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  • [Newbie Q] Making palm leaves lean down without using gravity

    Hey guys, I'm working on my first tree which is a coconut palm. I have most of the things I wanted figured out but there's one thing that's missing. I noticed that in real life, the small leaves are slightly facing downwards, away from the main leaf stem which is something independent of gravity (because gravity pulls everything down on one axis regardless of the main stem's rotation). Is there an option to do just that? I've tried curl but it well... curls them instead of keeping them straight.
    Here's also a picture of what I have and on the right is an intersection of the leaf as I'd like it to be and on the left how it looks currently. The models are all using the same version from the left intersection.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hello, I hope I'm understanding correctly!

    I think what you're asking for is more of a single bend vs and arc'd bend for the fond's parts? If that tree is a branch for the frond spine with another set of "spine only" branches holding the leaflet/fronds, I think you'll need a profile curve with the start 0'd out and then a point to add your bend into the "leaflets" using either the gravity force, or direction.

    If that frond leaf is a single texture on a single "frond" generator for a game tree, the "fold" property would bend the leaf downward.


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      Thank you for your reply! As you've said, I don't really want the leaflets to bend (only slightly because that's how it looks for coconut palms), just face more downwards, away from the stalk. However, gravity doesn't do the job because it forces everything down and I actually want the frond "bend" away from the stalk (even if it's pointing straight up, I want the front to bend to the side). There's an option to rotate the frond around stalk but if only I could do it independently for each side.

      All the frond stems are independent - I'm not using a single texture. There's also a problem with using gravity because it seems to pull certain parts of the geometry more then others and there are weird artefacts when I export the mesh.

      However, I've been doing some stuff I can't even describe to make it look more natural in other ways (curl and just a tiny bit of gravity to prevent the artefacts). If that looks convincing I might just stick with what I have. Please let me know what you think.
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