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[NEWBIE Q] leaves facing different directions

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  • [NEWBIE Q] leaves facing different directions

    I have here a branch, twigs, and a leaf generator.
    I was wondering, can I do something about the leaves facing different directions when I adjust the Start Angle of the twigs?
    I would like the leaves to face the same direction.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi MimiZ : do you have a visual example of what you're describing? I'm not sure if I understand what look you're trying to achieve.

    You can change the leaf layout by setting the leaf generator mode to "Phyllotaxy" and then choosing the layout that you prefer.

    Local orientation settings like sky influence, align, and face may also be useful for your purposes.

    I hope this helps! If you have a reference image, I can try to give more specific advice!


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      Here are 3 stages of adjusting the Start Angle and how it affects the leaves.

      In the first picture, one leaf is facing forward, the other one is facing upward. (it's not on purpose)
      In the second both leaves are facing upward.
      In the third picture one left is facing upward, and the other forward. (this is the Start Angle I want, but I would like both leaves facing upward)

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Hello, Sorry that took me so long to reply. I made a quick file to demonstrate a few things. There are three main generator orders of attaching a leaf mesh onto a branch. In your image, I'm unsure of what your setup is so i've included a few hints for each. Each number corresponds to the example in the file.

        1. If your leaf is sitting directly on a branch, the easiest way to control the direction to "up" is to put "sky facing" all the way on (under leaf properties>orientation). From there use parent sensitivity and curves to align the leaf with the branch.

        2. If you're building the leaf off of the stem twigs as you have in your picture, your generation style might actually come into play. For instance, the leaf can be an extension of the twig with the generation set to absolute 0 and you'll have one leaf coming from each twig end. If you do this, this is a much simpler way to concentrate mostly on the twig alignment vs the leaves.
        So on the twigs holding the leaves, I've set up my example with the generation style as interval with a count of 2 and the align style is set to group with align checked on.

        3. If you're building the leafs off the stem twigs but they are not set on the extension, you'll notice the leaves look a bit more randomly oriented right off the bat. This is with the leaves set to not extend, and pushed to the end of the branch with a gen>boundaries>first number. The reason for this is with interval set to 2 or 1 even, each leaf might be coming off at the left or right of the branch and the winding is trying to correct itself. If you gen "align" these leaves, they will align with the twig but you won't see the results you need until you place the leaf's orientation to the right spot. In leaf properties>local orientation, push sky influence up, align to 1. Under Skin you can experiment if flip off and fix winding off give you greater control. If your branch is particularly noisy, this might help.

        I hope this makes sense!
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          Thank you so much, I will study your file and improve my skills hopefully. I appreciate it!