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Division of the atlas

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  • Division of the atlas

    I am using Speedtree for UE4 for a while now, and I am still not satisfied with the results.
    Unfortunately I can't find a solution for my seemingly simple problems.

    My main problem is, that the textures are not using the full space of the atlas (see image below).
    I would love to define, which texture shall take how much space on the atlas, but I cant find a proper way.

    Strange fact about the atlas: The red material takes much more space, but it has completely the same settings as all the other materials.

    I hope, somebody can give my the needed hint.
    Thank you
    Click image for larger version

Name:	baum_fruchtfinger_Color.png
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    Hello, Each of your materials has a scale for the atlas found in the material bar. Lower weight materials should fill in less space. Wrapping your tiles creates a duplicate that will have to appear in your atlas, so it areas of the upper canopy on game trees it's a good practice to not wrap more than once and not use the uv twist setting. In v9, we have some custom atlas controls that will allow a direct resize. I hope this helps!