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  • Fold Cluster

    Hi, is there a way to fold a leaf cluster a little bit according to the triangles which are defined in the cluster mesh?

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    Rill you can fold a cluster according to the triangles and anchor as defined in the cluster mesh using the fold settings under the cluster generator's deformation tab (as well as the seasons tab, if you'd like it to fold differently according to seasons.)

    I'm not sure if I've precisely answered your question but I hope this helps!


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      i cant find the cluster generation deformation tab but if i do it in season tab, the folding doesnt effect every cluster


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        I found the other option u mentioned in orientation tab. When i bend the cluster there, it doesnt stick to the branches anymore and the mesh seem to rather hover. Any solution there?


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          Rill have you defined the anchor point on your cluster? The anchor point is where the cluster will attach to the branch as well as the point around which orientation and deformation settings will change.

          If adding an anchor point at the end of your cluster does not solve your issue, feel free to send us a screenshot of your cluster mesh, as I have done below.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Cutout.PNG
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Size:	395.7 KB
ID:	9286

          (A more detailed explanation can be found in the leaf mesh generator documentation under local orientation.)