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Speedtree not saving textures properly. Help!

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  • Speedtree not saving textures properly. Help!

    Hey forum! I'm working with ST8.4.2 (Unity Games Subscription). Our studio 'generally' likes Speedtree, and we create hundreds upon hundreds of tree models every month with it. One issue that came up with ST8 is that ,at random (maybe once every other day) when saving our models, Speedtree will decide not to save the textures along with the .spm file in the designated folder, (We always save as with assets) and Speedtree will keep doing this for every model as long as the program is running. (Exporting is fine, it's just the saving of the .spm file) When we go back to the file location where it saved, we discover there are no textures and re-opening those files in Speedtree just creates a red error-textured tree. We've experimented a bit on what might cause this, but we haven't been able to find any pattern, or track down exactly what causes this issue.

    This is happening on multiple different computers in our studio with different graphics cards, CPUs, SSD's etc. so we highly doubt it's our computers or some small hardware incompatibility.

    Has anyone else had this issue before, and know how to solve it? I would be very thankful!

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    Hi Shawnessy, Im wondering if there are special characters in any of the files that aren't saving. A save as with assets with only save the textures currently in use on the tree, if your checkboxes are off, they would not go out with the tree. Do you have a test .spm we could work with to try to trouble shoot this? If you could give us a message at [email protected] I'll look into this for you!