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Export to Unity - Vertex colors not included

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  • Export to Unity - Vertex colors not included


    I'm trying to export my custom vertex colors from speedtree modeler 8.4.2 to Unity 2019.4.

    Here's the vertex color preview in Speedtree:

    Here's the vertex color output in Unity, using a Vertex Color shader:

    Is there a trick to this, or does the feature currently not work?

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    The Modeler is computing and exporting them to the .ST file, but what you are seeing is that the importer in Unity is not loading them. The vertex buffer in Unity doesn't currently have a spot for them.

    I believe you are currently using the subscription version, but there is the possibility of using SpeedTree Indie or Games to export an FBX that includes colors, and import that to Unity. Note that you will lose our wind effects with this method.

    The next version of SpeedTree (v9) will have some new options for fiddling with the importer in Unity, fwiw, in addition to including vertex colors.


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      Hmm, ok well I do use the wind, so I guess I'll have to wait for v9. When is that supposed to ship?