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How to remove UV repetition with splits?

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  • How to remove UV repetition with splits?

    Hello everyone I'm a beginner at Speedtree and lately I've been plying with splits which is a very cool feature.

    However with splits I cant set the u tile to less than 2 . Which makes my trunk repetitive .How can i fix this problem?


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    Hi faraz! When you create a tree with a split, the UV tile must be divisible by 2 so that it can be accommodated being halved (as detailed here on our docs page on splits).

    To make the repetition of the texture less obvious, we'd recommend using values like twist, checking the "random flip" box, and adjusting the variance (the pink number or the "+/-" button to the right of) on the U and V offsets.
    (The docs on the branch generator are very helpful for this issue!)

    Hope this helps!