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Welding photogtammetry branches to photogrammetry trunk

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  • Welding photogtammetry branches to photogrammetry trunk

    Hello, can someone help me pleasae. I cant weld branches to trunk because my welding discs are perpendiculary rotated and i cant modify them.

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    Your weld area for mesh on mesh placement is controlled by the orientation of the target information sent out with the mesh. However in this case, I think your mesh looks like it's the wrong orientation. You"ll want to rotate the mesh to y-up either in SpeedTree or a 3rd party software and bring it back in with the correct orientation to sit along the spine. If that doesn't fix it, perhaps I could look at the .spm file via [email protected]


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      If you really want to go through the 3D printed route, and if the car is too shiny to photogrammetrize, what if you fill the dents with some sort of clay and then scan those and print those... Just an idea. Probably more hassle than it's worth though

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