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Getting stuck IN collider UE4

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  • Getting stuck IN collider UE4

    Hi, when i jump on a single collider with a 45%angle, the character in ue4 just get stuck...any advice?

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    Rill What kind of collider settings do you have? While this may not be our area of expertise, simple versus complex collision might be helpful to look into:

    Hope this helps.


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      It's possible that your Collison objects are so large that the player might be able to slip in between the vertex points. You could try several tube collision objects vs one single round one to see if that fixes the problem. If it's a low bush/ plant I recommend using a tube and making the tube a bit higher than the bush itself. Best!


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        tbh u should rly remove this option out of the program.
        -It costs time to do them.
        -It costs time to delete the already in gmae positioned trees and reimport without collider.
        This is serious amount of time for open world.
        Will cost me 2-3 days for sure.

        Is there at last a way to import a mesh into blender or other program to make a collider that way?

        Thing is even ue4 doesnt give me option for a simple collider, which forces me to use meshcollider for every single tree what makes the whole thing even useless or performancekiller. Please tell me something i can work with
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