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Cinema models in UE4 modeler

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  • Cinema models in UE4 modeler

    Hi, I'm interested in using the speedtree UE4 modeller. I have looked at the tree library and the trees for the game modellers are a bit average and don't really look realistic. Specifically the red gums in comparison to the cinema versions. Can you use the cinema trees in the game modellers? I wont be making games, but Arch vis with ray tracing.

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    Hi Keyston72: we wouldn't recommend using Cinema models in UE4. To do so, you would have to optimize the low or medium resolution cinema model for it to function properly in UE4 (for example: You would need to generate lightmaps for games; Cinema trees use a generator called "Batched Leaves" which would have to become a "leaf generator"; Games wind would also have to be tuned.) You may have better results from modifying a model already optimized for the engine.

    Wish we had better news for you!


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      Hi KatLeeHong. Thanks for that. I don't actually use light maps. I use dynamic lighting. Perhaps you should take a look at the quality of some of the foliage available in UE4 marketplace and in Twinmotion. Though sadly there is no Australian content, hence why I'm interested in speedtree more realistic looking plants.