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Questions from a newcomer. How to use predefined Spritesheets, etc

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  • Questions from a newcomer. How to use predefined Spritesheets, etc

    Hello, first time here - loving Speedtree. Very straightforward, except some little hurdles that I try to tackle, maybe someone has some answers.

    I digged through the first 40 pages of this forum but was not able to find some viable answers on several topics.

    1. I have several atlas maps with like 9, 16, 32 different leaves. Call it altas, spritesheet, flipbook, etc..
    Is there any option to just tell Speedtree to use these, telling on 16 leaves that it should cut the texture in 8 by 8 and place all of the 16 leaves randomly?

    2. Whats the best workflow if you created leaves from photos. Is there some featureset in version 8 that would automatic create some normal, roughness, subsurface textures?
    (Its a Hollywood / AAA Title application so guess i just missed the button here)

    Kind regards,

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    1. you can create as many cutouts as you need via each atlas you've cut out. If you assign that material and set the mesh cutout to "any" they will be random.
    2. You can use some of the same maps loaded into the pbr material slots to adjust inside of speedtree and export material. Using the skin>lighting properties with puffiness will create a very basic smooth normal for you. Using the color map with a slightly lighter adjustment is frequently adequate for subsurface. A radial fade of black is often an adequate subsurface amount.

    Feel free to reach me at [email protected] if you need further explanation.


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      Thank you Sarah, I will look into it!

      Have great start into the year