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    Good Evening

    I picked up the Speedtree for Unity subscription today. I'm working on a low poly/stylized type of look. Nothing too crazy, I would think. Setting up the trunk and branches have been no problem.

    I'm having an issue trying to use a "blob" type of mesh for my leaves. There is almost no information anywhere to accomplishing this. I've imported a mesh to use, but it stops there. Looking through the forums, I saw an old post about it, and that's it. And apparently it is outdated anyway. No information really on YouTube. Mainly, I want to use a trunk, one to three branches, and one mesh for the entire leaf, if you will. From there, I planned to do larger trees with maybe up to 5-6 "blob" meshes for the leaves on separate parts of the tree.

    Can I accomplish this with Speedtree? I figured this would be pretty simple, but the lack of information is stopping me here.


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    You can create stylized looking "blob" clusters by importing a static mesh. These can be added to the tree using the leaf mesh generator and placed via the generation controls. If you'd like just one, spawn the leaf mesh on ground and use a node edit to move it into posistion ( or w,e,r keys to move around with the gizmo). You could also add these meshes as a force mesh, your choice!

    If you don't want to create your 3d meshes outside of SpeedTree, you could use a flat leaf mesh and the cutout editor. Turn sky facing all the way up and then curve and fold the mesh downward to make a half circle. Using the puffiness controls for the lighting might help you get the exaggerated look you are going for.

    If you have an image of what you are trying to make, feel free to post it here for some extra tips!