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Shape control with Custom mesh is not working

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  • Shape control with Custom mesh is not working

    This is my Mesh set up
    Click image for larger version

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    and after I select "enable force meshes" in the shape attribute on the parent trunk every subsequent child disappears!
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2.png
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    This happens no matter the size or position of the custom mesh.
    This also happens on the branches level if i enable force mesh on that.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	3.png
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    Please help - I havent found this issue addressed on any forum or documentation.

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    Just for clarification, I'm following this Speedtree official tutorial


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      Hi Sayan: I have a few tips to fix your problem here.

      First, I see that you're using Games Indie 4.1; I'd recommend using our latest build, 4.2, to avoid bugs that may have already been addressed.

      Next, I'm noticing that you have a split on your tree. You'll want to make sure that your U tile is set to an even number (minimum: 2) to optimize your texture on a split trunk.

      On to the force mesh issue you're experiencing: this may be due to the length of trunk 2, which may be longer than the box area you've placed. Try making your force mesh larger to see if the branches appear. If they do, return the mesh to its original size and change the length your trunk generator to where they fit inside of your force mesh.

      Let us know if any of these solutions help! We can troubleshoot further if the above suggestions don't resolve your issue.