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  • Custom leaf texture query


    I'm fairly new to this so please bear with me. I've mastered the basics of SpeedTree modelling and now I'm wanting to create my own custom leaves.
    I have the ability to create a leaf texture and associated normal maps etc. What I don't understand is how I convert this to what SpeedTree seems to expect (see image below with all the fancy radiating lines)?

    Is there a good tutorial I can watch for this please?


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    HI Archer1,
    The radial streaking in a texture map is to prevent a white or black color from leaking into the scene as the texture resamples larger and smaller. You can create the streaking in photoshop on your own. Just use two layers of the same leaf with the cutout albedo on top. Do a radial blur or use hand blurring to stretch the color pixels out from the leafs edge. You can also just use a solid green in the same family - the tone matching is really the predominate part.
    The export material option inside of SpeedTree also has a streak texture option if you wish to bring in a map and export it.


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      Thanks for the help Sarah, not as mysterious as I was thinking! Will give it a try.


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        Does any model whiz out there know if there's anything I can do to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated!

        Kodi nox
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          amelneach Sarah has provided several solutions to the problem referenced above. What problem are you referring to if not the same one in this thread?