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Displacement due to movement in node selection

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  • Displacement due to movement in node selection

    When I select a LeafMesh as a Node and move it with the Wind Algorithm set to SDK, it does not follow the branch when I shake it.
    Is this a bug?
    I'm using SpeedTreeModeler v8.5.0 (Game Edition).

    Please let me know if there is a solution.
    I'm using a mesh generated using CutOut for LeafMesh, but even if I'm not using CutOut, the mesh is misaligned.
    This doesn't happen if the Algorithm is UE4, but in my project I need to use the SDK.
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    Hi ryk,
    Leaf mesh in properties>animation>wind
    there is a lock to parent checkbox.
    In some cases you may want the games leaves to flutter independent of the branches or parent cluster so you can get more movement from them. While up close this may look very flawed because the leaf is coming off the branch, if you have a dense canopy, it's a visual some people like! So we gave the option of having that on or off. Is your leaf locked to the parent. If it is locked and it's still moving it could be a few different things:
    1. too high values in the sdk ripple motion
    2. a profile curve on the wind weight settings for the leaf that include the tip of the leaf where it's attached ( in most cases you'd probably have this weight curve set to linear growth).


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      Thanks for the reply.

      I checked, and turning off the SDK Ripple Motion did not change it.
      Lock to Parent is still checked.

      It still looks better if I set the SDK Branch Motion>Branches>Bend to 0 for the Branch with the LeafMesh attached, but what if I want to put a value in the Bend?
      I want the LeafMesh to follow the branch perfectly.
      Please let me know if there is a way to do that.

      It would be easier for me to understand if you could see the actual data, but can you see the data for me?
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        Excuse me.
        Can you please give me an additional answer to this post?
        I hope it will be resolved as soon as possible.


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          Hi Ryk, We'd be happy to take a look but we'll need the actual file. Could you email us at [email protected]. If you can do a "save as with assets" into a fresh folder and zip that us for us, that would help.


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            I've just sent you the zip as an attachment to your email.
            You will find everything you need in "".
            Please check it out.

            (It was too large to attach directly to the email, so I shared a link to GoogleDrive.)


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              Hi SpeedTreeSupportTeam
              Were you able to see the data you shared?