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Hedge density problem

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  • Hedge density problem


    I'm having fun trying to make low poly game hedges like the ones featuring in the game "Hell Let Loose" (image attached) which uses the SpeedTree engine.
    To achieve this I'm using "spline only" branches with fronds that of course follow the curve of the branches. Please see the result so far.

    My problem is that while I'm achieving the nice wavy effect of the outer branches, I'm finding it very difficult to get the same density in the center of the hedge. You really shouldn't be able to see that much light through most of the hedge.

    Does anyone have any clever tricks to achieve this please without bumping up the poly count massively?


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    I wonder if someone can point me to a good example of a bushy but dense SpeedTree field hedge please? Don't mind paying.
    I learn best from examples.



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      Hi Archer,
      There are certainly a few ways to do this. In your image it looks like you might have individual leaves or small part leaves- you'll want to make some longer cluster types. For example you may lay out a row of about 8 leaves like they'd appear on the branch and the criss cross them for the branch shape. You might have a fuller cluster for the middle portion to cut down on light. Set this one on a frond with the spine it's resting on set to "spine only". Then add mesh anchors to attach the longer spindly parts.

      This bush is a v8 example that might could be of use.


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        Thanks for the tips Sarah. Unfortunately the particular shrub I'm modelling doesn't have large clusters, just a spiral of short twigs off a long central stem. In nature it seems to be enough to create a dense growth which I have trouble replicating.
        I'll keep experimenting. I might create some textures with less transparency for the center of the hedge and spread the source of the growth out a bit more. Thanks