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Wind strength overriden when exporting Alembic

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  • Wind strength overriden when exporting Alembic

    Hello! New to Speedtree, I'm having a problem when exporting Alembic files: the wind strength I set in my project is overriden by the value in the Alembic export window. I believe this would be fixed if I could change the drop down menu from "Custom" to something like "Project", but the menu is disabled, and I can't find a way to enable it. Any ideas? I'm using Modeler v8.4.2

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    That option allows you to switch to "Timeline" wind, if you have wind strength set up in the timeline to change over time. It has to be enabled on the timeline bar in order for it to be an available option, and your frames become locked to the timeline controls.

    The first time you export after opening, wind strength should in fact copy what you have happening in the tree window, but you can change it from there after that. It's just a 0-1 number, so you should be able to copy what it is in the window just by looking at the wind bar on the right.

    Hope this helps


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      Got it, thank you. And are the gust values taken from the project?


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        Yes, you set up gusting (and all the other wind animations) on the Fan


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          Thanks Greg! Just an idea but it would be handy to be able to pick up the wind value from the fan as well when exporting Alembic files.


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            Actually I realized the problem was that Speedtree copies the value from the tree the first time you open the Alembic export window, but if you export several trees one after the other, it will always keep the first value.