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Exporting model with mesh forces to Unity

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  • Exporting model with mesh forces to Unity


    I have been making a climbing plant using a mesh force around a wall model.
    In speed tree everything looks good and fine. (screenshot included below)

    But then when i export the tree to unity it doesn't look at all like it's supposed to. Branches stretching and leaves not there (leaf material did export, LOD only highest).
    I have already tried exporting with/ without including the mesh force model, but including that only added more stretching.

    I am using Speedtree for Unity 8.4.2 (looking at bug fixes a previous version had a bug with exporting mesh force, but reading path notes that should been fixed?)
    Does anyone know what might be my problem?

    Kind regards

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    There is currently a bug in the Unity importer where individual draw calls top out at 64k vertices. The results after passing that are undefined. It looks like your tree is beyond that, so I am guessing that is what is happening. The fix should be out in the near future.

    However, 100k is pretty high, even for a hero-level game tree. Try paring down your branch vertices where possible, and I bet it'll import much better.

    Hope this helps.


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      That indeed did the trick.
      Good to know, thanks for the fast reply Greg!