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Strange double branch

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  • Strange double branch

    Hi everyone! Can't figure why this straight branch on the other side of the main trunk is created when I plant a brunch in the hand painted mode by pressing the spacebar? If I plant a branch closer to the base of the trunk all is fine.

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    Hi Luke, on your branch settings, what are your generation properties set to?


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      Hi Sarah) They are like this


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        By the way when I select the straight branch the settings look like that. Parent too deformed (have just found out). What if I need it to be that deformed?)


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          Hi Luke, the modeler will note when your branch is too deformed (aka really displaced or noisy) to let you know the attachments don't have a way to attach. I'd suggest going to skin>welds> and checking "keep failed on" so you can see the branches/ or turn welds off to start. If a branch is too deformed, try adding more segments to it to help. I'm still not quite sure what's going on with your extra branch but perhaps looking at the .spm file would help.