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Multiple stiches for custom meshes on one trunk

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  • Multiple stiches for custom meshes on one trunk

    I want to do a tree that would have both a custom bottom mesh for the roots and a custom broken top with a generic trunk in the middle.
    The bottom parts works really well but I'm having trouble with the top one. When I add a Mesh node on top of a Stitch, I'm not able to scale the mesh down and make it fit with the branch I want to attach it too.

    Is it in operation that can be done or do you have another suggestion?
    Thank you

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    Hi Geckoreo,
    A stitch can combine a mesh to a Speedtree branch but for what you're doing ( mesh blended to mesh) you'll need a target. If you check out the mesh on mesh sample in your installed folder, this is the appropriate way to build with more than one mesh. IF that doesn't get it, can you post a picture for me of what you're trying to do?

    if you have a roots base with an open top trunk, you could use a cutting stitch and resize another mesh to sit on top, you would have seams however.