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    I’m using the version of Speedtree for UE4, and I can't understand why when I import the tree in UE4 LEAVES.

    I exported in the same way as the tutorial found in your youtube channel.
    The model shown here has also been modified but its base was purchased on the speedtree store.
    I checked the lightmap and the trunk was green and the leaves blue, so I changed them and added weight 1 in the lightmap(for each element), now the tree is completely green but it still doesn't work, actually it's worse than before. What can I do?

    I add photos to make it clearer, please help
    thank you in advance!

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    Hello, did you perhaps use batched leaves?
    if you right click, you can convert those to leaf mesh and that should help.


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      Hi Sarah,
      no I don't use batched leaves, I used leaf mesh so don't know what to do

      Any other suggestion?


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        On your lowest lod for the tree in the modeler, can you see if the leaves are going away? You could test this by pulling up the LOD distance in unreal or by using the LOD slider in speedtree. Its possible your tree is really tall and they are disappearing too fast?


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          Hey Sarah,
          LOD are going well, the problem is when you are near the tree(LOD 0) I don't know what to do.
          For now I'm thinking of increasing the size of the leaves but I hope to find another solution. If you had other suggestions to give me I would be grateful


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            Fab: Increasing the size of your leaves may help. Just in case, here are some other variables worth troubleshooting:

            Do you have mesh lods set for high, medium, and low LODs (pictured below)? Have you checked that your mesh is two-sided?

            Click image for larger version  Name:	MeshLods_01.PNG Views:	3 Size:	383.4 KB ID:	9748Click image for larger version  Name:	TwoSided_Checked.PNG Views:	3 Size:	39.4 KB ID:	9747

            Check your leaf generator LODs and the leaf settings under your Tree generator's dynamic LOD properties. In the image below we've pulled the right side of the leaves profile curve up so that they aren't knocked out as as heavily as other components of the tree with profile curves that decline steadily.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	LeafMesh_Gen.PNG Views:	4 Size:	10.0 KB ID:	9749 Click image for larger version  Name:	TreeGenerator_DynamicLODs.PNG Views:	3 Size:	18.5 KB ID:	9750

            Another consideration might be that, because pine needles are thin, your opacity map may be making them appear invisible. It's worth a shot toggling your opacity map to see if it might be a component of your needle visibility.

            Hope this helps!
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