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  • Massive trees

    I am very new to SpeedTree so this may be a simple thing to solve. Also, I searched for a possible answer but was unable to discover anything.

    Question: How could I use SpeedTree to create an extremely large tree without having to scale it up in another DCC software?
    In a recent project I wanted to create a tree that was hundreds of feet tall, towering over buildings and spanning out over them. With my inadequate knowledge of SpeedTree I abandoned the concept for the moment while I searched for solutions without success. Then it occurred to me that SpeedTree has forums!

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi Matkit3d,
    Speedtree has a section in preferences that will let you change your units and sizes but you'll want to create your tree to scale based on the "little shadow guy" aka the height guide in the scene. You can turn it on or off by using the "show">"height indicator" at the top of the tree window.
    Greg explains the unit system pretty well here
    but for reference, your templates and scenes all start with a "six foot guy" since we are a US company