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Exporting rigged animations?

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  • Exporting rigged animations?

    Hello Guys
    As almost everyone writing... I am new to speed tree and I have a question. Speedtree so far is not compatible with HDRP in unity as far as I am aware (?) But... thats what I need a wind animation for! SO waht I need is an animated tree for Unity. I though: Easy thing! Ill just export the animation plus a rig but apparently you can only export animations as point cache?

    To sum it up quickly: Is there a good way of getting a speed tree with animated wind into unity hdrp? It does not even need to react to the windzone, An animation is enough as it is for a more or less static scene!

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Schneek, we've submitted shader fixes quite some time ago; the most recent news we have from them is that they'll be available in 2021.2.

    Until then, all we can offer is our shader fix, but we do not have a workaround for wind in HDRP at this time (though SpeedTrees do work with wind in URP, last I tested!)

    Wish we had better news for you.