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  • Bad uv's

    Hello guys, am working on a project in ue4 and I created a pine tree in Speedtree. I have a problem with the uv's for the lighting as you can see in the screenshot. I can edit the uv's in Blender the way I like it but if I import the tree in ue4 as an .fbx the wind animation is not working. The only way for the animation to work is to export from the Speedtree as an .st, at least that i am aware of. Do I missing something for this to work? I am using the Speedtree Indie version(trial)
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    Hello, that is correct for the workflow part: if you export and edit in a 3rd party, you will not be able to keep the animations or LOD. IT looks like there is an issue in your this a stitched tree? Could you let me know the version number and set up you have for the tree? What is the stitch type and the export settings?


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      Yes, this is a stitched tree. I stitched the tree at the start and after I followed your tutorial ( Nice work btw! I am using v8.4.2. Stitch type? Am new here, there are a lot of ways to do it ?