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How to grow off of custom mesh?

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  • How to grow off of custom mesh?

    I am wondering if this feature is included in the UE4 version. Docs say "If you apply a mesh to a Zone, you can have things “grow” off it.". I got my simple cube mesh into speedtree however can't get anything to grow off it. I used this menu:
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    The leaves nodes isn't showing any errors, but none appear. I am trying to make hedges, sphere shape was easy enough but fancy shapes will be impossible without custom mesh :
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    Turns out you have to use a trunk node as the first one after a zone/mesh node. So I got it working, but any tips to how to resolve this particular issue would be great (fewer leaves along corners, excessive leaves to illustrate issue). The mesh geometry is uniform.
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      Apologies for yet another post in a row, but I'm still struggling with this. I'd like to try masking as described in the docs, but I can't figure out how to actually apply the mask. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks


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        Hi- one of the downsides to growing right off a mesh zone is there's no perfect placement, you can spawn all over and then use the mask to remove sections if needed. This is actually part of the reason the mesh generator was launched in v8. You can use specific placements off the mesh, or use a target to point to the mesh if needed.

        If you need to use a mask, it will work with the mesh generator or a zone.
        1. open the mask toolbar from "window"> "assets">"masks"
        2. Load in an image to use. (or use the texcoord or terrrain types).

        Your tree generator setup would look like tree->mesh->branch
        The mask is applied to the branch by heading to branch properties>gen>masks.
        You'll have to +add the mask and select the name in the dropdown.