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How to reduce segments

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  • How to reduce segments

    Hi, how can the segments on this part of the tree be reduced?
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    Hey bend3t: the best way to reduce segments on your trunk would be to go to the "segments" tab under your trunk's generator and reduce the count there. Depending on how you plan to use your tree, you can adjust the profile curves so that the segment count is lower as you move higher up the trunk; start by lowering the absolute and relative values under length and radial; consider toggling optimize.

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    Hope this helps! For more specific information, it might help us to see how your tree is structured and the segment settings of your generator.


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      Thank you for the reply
      That is something I have tried but as it is stitch to a photogrammetry mesh it seems to inherit the vertical edges from that even if i reduce the segments.


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        Hey Ben, You do have to match segments for the top of your trunk meshes "lip" there but you can use the radial segments profile curve (the blue one) to drop the right side (top of the tree) down in segments.


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          Fantastic! Thank you for your help Sarah that worked