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Attempt to convert paid assets to work with Unity HDRP (2021.1.7f1)

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  • Attempt to convert paid assets to work with Unity HDRP (2021.1.7f1)

    After two failed presales attempt to find out whether or not Speedtree tree packs (through the website and Twitter) I bit the bullet and purchased a few packs due to the fact I'm on a timeline. If I was a graphics artist, I would not have wasted my time trying to get these assets working and would have just done it myself. I followed the directions at the "The State of the SpeedTree unity HDRP Pipeline".

    In picture one, you will see the outcome of the awesome trees I purchased.
    In picture two, you'll see the lack of response from the presales department. Unfortunately, I cannot give proof I sent a presales question a few days prior to going on Twitter.
    In picture three, you'll see other assets purchased that state they are Unity compatible and deliver what they promise. (No canned responses necessary, it's your product, deliver!)

    The link I posted also states we should pull a diffuse profile from a non-hdrp asset from the Unity Asset Store (Book of the Dead).

    (Per the link)

    Adjusting the SSS Diffusion Profile

    Unity employs a lightweight subsurface and transmission technique (outlined here) that relies on diffusion profile settings to control the lighting parameters.

    You can grab the diffusion profile from the Book of the Dead asset, or create one from scratch by right-clicking in the project window and selecting create -> rendering -> diffusion profile settings.

    Then connect the diffusion profile to your HD render pipeline asset.

    The sample diffusion profile that comes with an HDRP with extras project includes sample foliage and skin profiles. We made a few tweaks but ended up some with a setting fairly close to the one used in the Book of the Dead.

    Important notes:
    1. The Book of the Dead shader has some custom scripts to add direct/indirect scale. If you notice it missing in your settings, that’s why. I recommend reading more about the development on the Unity blog.
    2. With how Unity handles diffusion, barks in your atlas may show some subsurface even if it’s blocked out. If you’re using one draw call trees it’s important to keep this in mind when setting subsurface on your materials.
    3. Remap your materials to match your lighting. Depending on your project some assets may require a bit more lighting, especially grass assets. As pointed out in the Book of the Dead project, sometimes what looks correct is not physically correct. Don’t be afraid to tweak and play with the settings.

    Not trying to be rude here, but I did not spend my money to do something that should be included in what is advertised as a Unity compatible asset. The book of the dead asset isn't even compatible with HDRP and when you add it to the project, it kills your HDRP. Thankfully, I did not attempt this in my main project, and, for the record, I did not purchase this product to rewrite Unity to get some asset working that is supposed to work with Unity in the first place. I'm not worried about the wind at this moment, that can wait for now, but there is no reason why the customer should spend countless hours getting this product to work. I don't know about you, but my time is valuable and I do not co I don't need any canned responses blaming Unity.

    How do I fix this and why must I spend hours trying to get this to work when every other asset I purchased literally works out of the box with a few setting changes?

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    Admittedly, that post is getting a little old. But the basics of what it is describing is just to switch it to the standard HDRP Lit shader. The rest is just polish. You could even use shader graph now to make your own shader if you wish, and avoid the use of the different texture packer.

    Diffusion profiles are better supported now, fwiw, and there is even a foliage one already available. No need to go get book of the dead assets.

    The good news is that HDRP includes a SpeedTree shader, as of Unity 2021a17. It will work into the release versions soon, most likely.