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Drooping leaf cluster effect

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  • Drooping leaf cluster effect

    Hey Community

    I am trying to create a drooped style leaf cluster using SpeedTree for UE4. I am having trouble figuring out the proper way to get the cluster to droop like the example tree (Buckeye/Aesculus) attached. I have tried different generation modes and different rotation/facing/alignment settings but can not get the right mix.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    hello! I've always loved Buckeye trees!
    I'd put the large cluster set all the way to sky facing, then use curl to bend the leave down and "up" to correct the position with a curve.
    When in doubt with the leaf orientation stuff, just 0 out your properties and work through them from the top to the bottom (when you're stuck in "what way will this leaf face with this slider" purgatory).