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Exporting atlas including billboards

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  • Exporting atlas including billboards


    I'm new to Speedtree and I've bought a few Unity assets and am using the SpeedTree Modeler to try to combine all the textures of all open models including billboards into a single Atlas. I thought it was possible from what I read on this link:

    However, when I try to export it creates separate atlases for the billboards. Just to clarify, I am not having problem combining multiple tree's textures into a single atlas, that works, the problem is it creates additional atlases for the billboards.

    Additionally, when I open the assets I bought for Unity in the SpeedTree modeler (the simplest being: the LODs have disappeared and the trees have a totally different amount of verts and only exports a single LOD + billboard.

    I'm sure I must not be doing something correctly but I'm not sure exactly where to start.


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    Billboard atlases are not combined. You don't save anything that way, as the textures will never be the same between tree variations, and sampling from larger textures can be slower.

    Mobile versions of trees often only have one LOD before the billboard, to save on space. Desktop and Hero varieties have LOD, or you can modify LOD settings in the SpeedTree Modeler.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks for the response. Understood about the billboard atlases, although on a mobile device it would be nice if I could combine all the billboards at least on one atlas. Would save on draw calls and textures loaded.

      I think the problem regarding LODs is that the models I've bought are for V7 and when loaded into SpeedTree modeler V8 and the generators upgraded from legacy, the tri count balloons massively and the look changes significantly too.

      And if I don't upgrade from Legacy it says the legacy system doesn't work with LODs, despite them having 4 LOD levels (including billboards) when loaded directly to Unity.

      I tried finding some mobile V8 speedtree assets on the speedtree store but the only assets I see are for V7. Are there any V8 mobile assets?



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        You can keep using the tree as a v7 tree you can drop into Unity. But if you pull it into v8 for export, it will need to be upgraded to use all the new systems. If the tree was heavily node-edited before, this might result in some changes during upgrade.

        The gap between mobile and desktop is narrowing, so we don't specifically do mobile versions in v8. We instead have seedling/sapling versions (which are small, low poly), desktop (which are normally <15k), and hero (which may be up in the 30-50k range). Stay away from hero and you should be fine.