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  • Speedtree 9 UV Areas

    Hello, I've been playing with Speedtree 9 for a bit and came across UV areas. I created UV areas but have no idea how to map a generator to that UV area. Any help or info relating to UV areas would be appreciated!

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    Still no response, that's a shame . Anything at all would be very helpful.


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      Sorry godstepson! Have you had a chance to check our docs page on version 9 UV areas:

      We started to draft a reply on support a week ago but got swept up in our day-to-day tasks. We'll try to send a more detailed response soon!


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        Woohoo yay thank you this is fantastic!!!


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          Wanted to post this response from support here to add on to this thread!
          The uv cutout editor is for two workflows:

          .1. You're working from an atlas with a bunch of different barks in it.

          2. You're working from an atlas with a bunch of different barks in it and you'd like to tile sections of it like patchwork up and down the tree.

          The uv cutout:
          is the tool for cutting out areas of the bark. You can add as many areas as you need.

          In the material assignment for branch you can see a button for "{whole map, anywhere}. select the uv cutout desired here.

          If you want to stack tiles (you don't care about seams in the bark and just want to use a patchwork of several spots along the atlas) you can use the branch properties>UV>Tiling>Style to select 0-1 patches. You can assign them to use specific tiles, or all the tiles you've cut out.


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            Very helpful thanks Sarah .


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              i am not getting this area option in the properties tab, what should i do?


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                For anyone that still has issues ​with this.
                You first need to change Tiling Style from "Tiling" to "0-1 patches"
                Click image for larger version

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